ART to ​FEED​​

Artist Bio

Amie is a self taught local artist. She lives in Modesto, CA by the family dairy farm with her husband and their three children. Through her career as a nurse practitioner Amie observed many needs in her local community. Her husband Jonathon is a third generation dairy farmer. Together they started Art to Feed. Amie and Jon are passionate about educating the public about agriculture and the value it has in improving communities. Paintings from Art to Feed benefit local causes that help to improve community and promote agriculture awareness. Her work is influenced by the central valley agricultural region and animals at their farm.   

Our Heritage 

Jonathon operates Postma Dairies with his brother Jack Postma and father Pete Postma. He is son of Tammy Postma and grandson to Anne Pierini and Bill and Donna Coppedge founder of Modern Steel Structure and all long time residents of the Central Valley. Our oldest son, Stadtler Postma, Jonathon Peter Postma, and Lilly May. Amie Postma is daughter of glass blower and gallery owners Buster and Trish Dyer both from Modesto and who now reside in Mendocino, CA starting Glass fire Gallery. Amie's grandparents are Vernon J. Maino, a surgeon and founder of Gould Medical Group in Modesto CA, and his wife Betty Maino who resides in Cambria CA.

Pictured here at the family ranch, in Knights Ferry, CA.

Photography by Lisa Rene Photography

© 2016 Amie Postma